Revised and updated 29 October 2006

An Introduction
to Futures Methods
2 February 1998
A short paper outlining a number futures methods

A Journey to the future: A personal odyssey
24 June 1998
How I became interested in Futures

Some Influences On Europe In The 21st
9 September 1998

After the party is over: Futures Studies
and the Millennium
3 January 1999
Reflections on Futures and the millennium

Philosophy, Aims and Objectives of
the MA Foresight and Futures Studies
offered by Leeds Metropolitan
University between 1996 and 2002 [PDF]
10 May 1999

The Mis-information Society:
Some Issues for Society and Planning
23 February 2001
Questions some of the optimistic assumptions about the Information

The Local Government Association Futures
26 June 2001
The development of a toolkit for Futures work in Local Authorities
in England and Wales

Accidents waiting to
August 2001 updated February 2003
A short article arguing the case for Futures particularly in education

Could it have been
20 September 2001
A short article written after 9/11 noting that although the events
may not have been foreseen by the US authorities they were planned
by the perpetrators

Using forecasts [Word]
26 May 2002
A short article suggesting that it is important to consider who
made a forecast, why it was made and how it was made before accepting
its conclusions

Lessons from 25 Years of Futures
November 2002
Contribution to the Teaching Futures Studies Conference, Tamkang
University, Taiwan. Published in the Journal of Futures Studies,
Volume 7, Number 3, February 2003.

Can we rescue our future?
3 Februaury 2003
Lecture at the Free University, Berlin

The Vision Thing:
Some thoughts on preferred futures [LOST]
January 2005
Summit for the Future, Club of Amsterdam

NEW Scenario
March 2006
UNIDO Technology Foresight Seminar, Bratislava

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