Futures Issues

Futures Issues

The future and what it may hold for us is a constant
source of fascination as the success of science fiction films like
Solaris, TV programmes like Star Trek and the popularity of horoscopes

It is often said that in the 21st century we,
in western countries if not the whole world, are experiencing change
that is more rapid than ever before in history. This may, or may
not be the case, but it is apparent that many things in our world
are changing and that many opportunities and threats are appearing
that mean that the future is likely to be very different.

These presentations offer an examination of selected
issues of importance for the future:


Explores the implications of changes in world population,
the demographic transition, the ageing population in developing
countries and household size

Examines potential developments
in information
technology, bio-technology and nano-technology and their

Provides an overview of related concerns
about resources, food
supply, energy and pollution

Raises questions
about the impact
of globalisation on everyday life, its scale, inevitability,
extent and the arguments about it.

Work and employment
trends in employment and poses scenarios for the future of


What the future holds:
Insights form Social Science Richard N Cooper & Richard Layard
MIT Press 2002

The World Ahead: Our
Future in the Making Frederico Mayor & Jerome Binde, Zed
Books 200

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