Commercial Opportunities in the Garden Furniture Sector

Predictions for the commercial aspect of garden furnitureThere are many who try to plot the trajectory of start-up businesses in various areas, from online software to home products. However the garden industry has less such predictions, and in particular the garden furniture industry has very little. The most recent valid prediction we have found is the rankings for online retailers in 2016 by Chris Beardshaw on the Botani Wipe website, included below as a reference.

Top UK Garden Furniture Online Retailers
Company name Rating Website
Gardencentreshopping UK 90%
Garden Furniture Centre 85%
QD Stores 78%
Greenfingers 76%

This is a start, but potentially not as thorough a study as it could have been. Here we go into the areas which we believe were missed out, and should be included in any further update to the study.

Dealing With Returns

This is a key problem with garden furniture, as many online reviews indicate, there are plenty of issues with damaged deliveries, where customers have been left for months without a fully acceptable product. This is usually more common with larger retailers such as Argos or Asda.

Delivery Choice

With larger products such as these, being in when taking the delivery is very important, to ensure they are transported to a safe and useful place in your garden. If they are simply left on the pavement, then you can be left with all sorts of trouble when trying to move or store your new purchase.

Quality of Material Over Time

This is another very important aspect, as garden furniture over a certain value should be expected to last over a number of years with little to no wear. This is especially the case with weatherproof furniture, which is expected to survive being left outside all year round. This video is an example of the promo material, and therefore it should be tested for validity.

Our Table

With our edited sections, we believe the final result would’ve looked something like this, with a larger difference between many of the retailers.


Edited UK Garden Furniture Online Retailers
Company name Rating Website
Gardencentreshopping UK 92%
Garden Furniture Centre 88%
Greenfingers 69%
QD Stores 66%


Garden Furniture UK

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