Futures Skills

Futures Skills focuses on the need to think about the future
and how we can influence it. There are two main strands to the Futures
Skills approach:

Futures Methods – How we
can think about the future and the methods available to do so.

Futures Issues – What the
future might be like and considers Why Futures work is important.

How future skills are created by SEO

“No one can predict the future,
but no one can afford to be unprepared to meet whatever does

Watts Wacker and Jim Taylor

Thinking about the future is easy. We all have plenty of experience
of doing it and do it instinctively many times each day. Thinking
about, and planning for, the future; arranging a meeting, booking
a holiday, or taking on a loan or mortgage, are things we do easily
and without worrying. All involve thinking ahead and making commitments
for the future.


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